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Perspective shapes or world surround us, because we never have all the facts, only how we interpret them.


For 3 years my drive to work has gone through one set of roadworks. Instead of finishing one, there's now more either side for around a 3 km stretch of road.

I used to think, "this is annoying, how is this still going after 3 years and why do I never see anyone do any work!"


I'm sure there's good reasons for all these things. I just don't know them.

Then something changed. Now I occasionally I drive through those roadworks with my son, who at the moment is obsessed with diggers.


Suddenly, the same patch of road is an exciting adventure! I have never been so happy or interested in driving through roadworks.

The roadworks provide all sorts of large machinery that he is thrilled to see. How many diggers will we see? Where are they? What colour are they? Will there be more and will they be digging? It flipped the roadworks from a negative, slower drive to work to an experience that made my day!


The only thing that changed was my perspective. Though there's more roadworks and my commute is slower and longer, I look forward to driving through roadworks, which is something is never thought I'd say.


How might your day be shaped by your perspective?

What experiences might be exciting or interesting for those around you?

How might you engage with them, and improve the clinic experience for everyone?

Take note today what you are feeling and thinking, and consider what the alternative may be. Don't let yourself get dragged down into your own negative thoughts.

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