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It’s just as important how you start the day as how you finish it

Last week I left for work in a great mood. All the stars had aligned in the morning for a great day. My new baby boy had slept well, I'd got my work out done and even had time for a quick play with my two year old before leaving.

I got into the car, coffee in hand, ready and rearing for a ripper day. I even caught just about every green light on the way to work, making me early enough to have a happy chat about the weekend with some of my peers in the lunch room. Everything else that day seemed easy. I embraced all the difficult consults of sick animals who needed extra bits and pieces, be it bloods, cytology or a behaviour discussion, and I even didn't mind giving up my lunch break to x-ray my inpatients.

Later that week was a different story. I slept through my alarm, missed my work out, had no time to stop for a coffee at my favourite coffee shop and got just about every red light on the way to work (I'm sure I didn't, it just felt that way).

This day, I felt heavy, everything felt like a chore. Whether it was the aggressive (likely just cheeky) fluffy that tried to bite me while I drew bloods, or the predictably difficult Bengal that swiped at me throughout the consult, making a simple physical exam a particularly lengthy endeavour.

The mood we start our day can have a big impact on the way we live it. If we start the day thinking it will be difficult or painful, it's damn likely that it will be. It's why is so important to try and set your day up well. For me it's a work out and for my wife it's a walk with the dog before the day starts. If these things start well, we naturally think the rest of the day will follow.

If you feel like you are digging deep into that negative mindset, try catch your self doing it and pull yourself out of it. My wife uses an online trainer called Tiffany Hall, who refers to the three hour reset rule. Meaning that if you fail, or simply feel like you have failed, you can reset your mind and your day and try again. One difficult consult or surgery doesn’t mean the rest of the day is doomed to follow.

Tomorrow, start the day with a smile and a can do attitude and you just never know where it might take you.

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