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Have you filled up your cup?

Have you filled up your cup?


Last week I took a long weekend with my wife, the kids and the dogs of course. I swapped my midweek RDO to a Friday and we took ourselves down to Philip Island for a few days away. It’s amazing what a few days at the beach does for the mind and body.


In the lead up to the weekend I was very excited for some time away with my family. For the month prior it gave me something to look forward to and work toward. The weekend was just what we all needed. A few days of walks along the beach, time for my son in the sand and water, many ice creams and of course some fish and chips by the sea. By the end of the three days myself and my wife felt like a better version of ourselves. I rolled into work the following Monday like I had just had an extra week off, not just the extra day. It’s a good reminder that we need to invest time in ourselves outside of work in order to feel our best when we are at work.


In life it’s easy to fall into a rhythm of the day to day and forget to do the special things which make us feel alive. Whether it be a weekend away with your family, time doing a hobby you enjoy or simply finding the time to see the people in your life who will fill up your cup with happiness and positivity. It’s impossible to be happy in our work life if we haven’t taken the time to invest in our personal life to keep ourselves feeling positive and fulfilled.


So take a seat, take a breath, and consider how you could invest in YOU when you are not at work. It may be as simple as finding that 30 minutes to walk the dog each day, or booking a weekend just as my wife did to ensure you have time with those who support and lift you up. You’ll find that it’s easier to enjoy your work and look forward to a new week of Veterinary challenges.

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