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Give a little extra to help someone else when they are down

My wife and I were sitting in front of the TV a few nights ago and I was briefly looking through my phone, as so many of us are guilty of, and stumbled upon a reel which was discussing the 50/50 rule. It was being explained as a way to look out for your partner but it applies quite well to looking after our colleagues too.


What is the 50/50 rule? In short, it describes how a relationship between partners is not always equal. On a given day we may expect that both people in a relationship should give equal amounts of effort, but this may not always be the case. Some days, after an exhausting or stressful day at work and I come home not able to given the best version of myself. On these nights my wife lifts, she might do bath time or read that extra story with the kids while I listen. Equally on the days my wife has a full on day at home with two young children, these nights I lift. I clean the dishes or do bath time while she has a shower. You might say I carry 80% of the load while she carries 20%. But overall. In the long run it probably works out mostly equal.


This really can be applied in our work place. On a busy consulting day, some days we feel like we are winning, with a run of vaccines, puppies and favourite patients. Other days we might feel like we are losing, when clients are late or aggressive sick animals are holding us up. On these days, we need our colleagues to lift for us. And if we all lift for each other the load really doesn’t need to feel that heavy. I know the huge sense of relief I feel when I’m running behind and a colleague picks up my vaccine that’s been waiting. Which is why I try to help wherever I can.


So on those days when you feel like your winning, when your mood is high and you truly are having one of those great days at work, remember to lift for those around you who may have stumbled into what feels like a hard day. If your colleague has come out of a euthanasia feeling flat and needs a moment, consider whether you can take their waiting cartrophen, or maybe whether you could grab them a coffee or snack from the lunch room.


Life isn’t always equal, on some days we give more to a relationship than the other party and that’s ok. Doesn’t it feel great when you get the help you need. And better still, doesn’t it feel great knowing that you can help others on a rough day.

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