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Find your joy in the small moments

I like big dogs.

I like big fluffy dogs.

Sure, I like little dogs and cats too. I like long dogs, wide dogs and small barky dogs. And cute little geriatric dogs who come in with there geriatric owners.

But I really, really, really like seeing the big dogs that come into my consult room.

It’s my wife’s fault really, as she had a love of these dogs when we met. I’ll admit I had never had a pet dog before we were together and when she introduced me to our lovable Australian Shepherd Charlie, I was hooked.

Nothing makes me so excited as when I see my favourite Bernese Mountain Dog lined up in my column for an easy and enjoyable Beransa and cartrophen appointment. I know I’m going to spend every part of that 20 minute appointment showering that dog with liver treats and affection between needles.

Sure, the next appointment with that cheeky Dachshund will be enjoyable too. And I’ll have a great time with my favourite Labrador in the clinic for another arthritis check.Or with the Ginger cat who sings throughout the entire vaccination.

My point is, find the joy in these small moments. Every Vet in the clinic will have a love for a particular breed. We have a Vet with a love for anything oodle. Another who has small Maltese Shitzus at home. Another with a giant and lovable naughty Labrador. And another with a crazy Kelpie.

Find your joy wherever you can. I choose to find it in the shape of a wiggly Bernese Mountain Dog, and I ride on the high of the consult for many consults after.

Celebrate the small wins, the small joys and the happy moments each day. I know I feel better for it!

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