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Dogs can't eat chocolate - so eat it for them! Happy Easter!

Dogs cant eat chocolate – so eat it for them, happy easter


Every day I come home to be greeted by five very happy faces, those of my wife, sons and two Australian Shepherds. My wife and littlest son, who is only four months old, have a smile to see me home, my two year old is full of laughter and smiles but my dogs, they are ecstatic!

How lucky to be a dog, to take such joy in the simple everyday joys of life.

Sometimes we get caught up by all the small stresses and negatives of each day, sometimes forgetting how much we should be grateful for, all our small wins and positive moments. We often focus on the negative when so much good happened in a given day. Because it’s so much easier to whinge and complain, then to talk about all the good.

So today, make an effort to be like the dog, or cat (sometimes), that greets you with so much joy when you come home, whether it’s been from a long work shift, or a quick five minute trip to the shops.

Take a moment to reflect on your day, what good did you do?

Where did you find joy and happiness?

It doesn’t have to be a major life changing moment at work, life isn’t like the movies. We don’t get to perform life saving surgery or learn amazing new technique every day, but we do have many small moments of happiness which can add up to a great day overall.

Today, I saw one of my favourite patients, a huge Bernese Mountain Dog who slobbered all over me and enjoyed way too may treats from the jar. I got to share a surgery day with one of the younger nurses who played One Direction all day which we happily danced to throughout speys and castrates. I admitted an unwell dog and correctly diagnosed it with IMHA and started it on an effective treatment regime. These were many small wins which had me smiling.

Even on our more stressful days, I bet you can find some positive winning moments where you felt good and truly helped those around you. Today, reflect on the good instead of the bad.

Be like that happy dog that greets you when you come home from work.

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